GLE 496.2

3 Way Floorstanding Speaker


What makes GLE.2 even better

The external feature of the current GLE 496.2 is the new aluminium-manganese tweeter system. An interplay of elaborate wave guide, new diaphragm material and adapted crossover now allows a reproduction from 20 to 40,000 Hz, making it the best GLE ever. 3-way bass reflex concept with two aluminium woofers and a grofl sized midrange driver with aluminium cone. Equipped with stable polycarbonate baskets, powerful magnetic drive and the latest generation of wave surround technology. Maximum power handling: 320 Watt


The best-selling - for good reason

Our GLE Series speakers are technically impressive and visually appealing: these features make the attractive and versatile GLE models among the most popular speakers in Europe. The wide range of models with a strong price-performance ratio is led by the flagship GLE 496.2, a stately floorstanding speaker with a very attractive design and well-balanced sound characteristics. This is due to the four technically mature loudspeaker drivers on the slim baffle, which create the unique Canton sound - with lots of pressure and depth, neutral mid-range and finely resolved treble for long-lasting listening pleasure.

Modern technology

Our current GLE loudspeakers also benefit from the progress we are constantly making in loudspeaker development: for example, a new aluminium-manganese tweeter system with a 25 mm dome tweeter, sophisticated wave guide for optimum sound radiation and coupling, and optimised crossover network now enables reproduction up to 40,000 Hertz. At the other end of the sound spectrum, the two 200 mm aluminium woofers in the large bass-reflex volume provide bass down to 20 Hertz. The heavy-duty, large midrange driver with aluminium cone delivers optimally dosed mid-range frequencies.  Equipped with stable polycarbonate baskets, potent magnetic drives and the latest generation of triple-folded wave beads, this makes the current GLE series the best GLE ever.


Appealing in design

The GLE 496.2 3-way loudspeakers are harmonious in their proportions and have a neutral and modern design that can be integrated anywhere. The baffles are painted black or white, depending on the version selected. The carcass of the attractive floorstanding loudspeakers is available in the versions "Black Vinyl Decor", "White Vinyl Decor" and "Makassar Vinyl Decor". Our black, sound-neutral fabric covers can be removed and, when not in use, can be fixed inconspicuously on the back of the housing, ready to hand at any time. The GLE 496.2 are just over one meter high, 21 centimeters wide and 31 centimeters deep. The 19.6 kilogram 3-way bass reflex loudspeakers stand securely on four feet integrated into the bottom of the cabinet. 


The powerful GLE 496.2 3-way floorstanding loudspeakers can be combined with other GLE Series models to create a powerful multi-channel home cinema system with a powerful sound. Take our GLE 496.2 as the main speaker and combine it with the matching GLE 456.2 Center and GLE 436.2 for surround sound. The active low-frequency part is provided by the Sub 12.4 subwoofer, which harmonises perfectly with the GLE 496.2 and provides powerful bass for your home cinema system. We have configured several complete packages for home cinema fans on our website. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can also use the individual components to put together your own personal home cinema multi-channel dream and experience the ultimate in movie fun within your own four walls.

GLE.2 The external feature of the latest GLE.2 series is the new aluminium-manganese tweeter... more


The external feature of the latest GLE.2 series is the new aluminium-manganese tweeter system, which is integrated in the matt varnished, 0.9" strong baffle. The combination of the sophisticated wave guide, new membrane material and appropriate crossover network now offers a reproduction of 20 to 40,000 Hz, making it the best GLE of all time (GLE 496.2). The optical highlight is the bi-color design in Black-Macassar. This all makes our GLE series one of Europe’s bestselling loudspeaker series.

GLE.2 The external feature of the latest GLE.2 series is the new aluminium-manganese tweeter... more


Floorstanding speaker

Engineering Principle

3-way bass reflex

Nom. /Music power handling

150 / 320 watts

SPL (1 watt/1m)

90.5 dB

Frequency response

20…40.000 Hz

Crossover frequency

300 / 3.200 Hz


2 x 192 mm (7,6''), Aluminum (Wave surround)


1 x 174 mm (6,8''), Aluminum (Wave surround)


1 x 25 mm (1''), Aluminium-manganese

Nominal Impedance

4...8 ohms

Special Features



5 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

21 x 106 x 31 cm
(8.3'' x 41.7'' x 12.2'')


19.6 kg

Carton Content

Canton GLE 496.2
Fabric grill (black)


46 x 117 x 35 cm (18,1" x 46,1" x 13,8")

Weight including packaging

23,6 kg
GLE.2 The external feature of the latest GLE.2 series is the new aluminium-manganese tweeter... more


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