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Townus Series

Timelessly elegant, slim and classy, our new Townus speaker series catches the eye with its modern design language and high-quality materials. Rounded cabinet edges, paired with high-quality technical components, and a variety of stereo and home cinema models, make the new Townus speakers an attractive, flexible series. The noble walnut real wood veneer with perfect surface finish and the immaculately lacquered cabinets in silk matt white or high-gloss black underline the premium claim of our new Townus speaker series.


Townus 90

Floorstanding Speaker

  • 3-Way, closed
  • Titanium technology
  • 300 watt music power handling
  • 25 x 105 x 36 cm (W x H x D)

Townus 30

Compact speaker

  • Titanium mid and low tone system
  • 2-Way Bass Reflex
  • Oval magnetic fabric cover
  • 140 watt music power


Townus 50


  • 2,5-Wege, geschlossen
  • Titanium Technologie
  • 140 Watt Musikbelastbarkeit
  • 50 x 17 x 28 cm (B x H x T)

Townus 10

Wall and ceilling speaker

  • Titanium mid and low tone system
  • 2-Way, closed
  • Oval magnetic fabric cover
  • 100 watt music power

AR 5

Dolby Atmos® Multifunction-speaker

  • 2-Way, closed
  • Titanium technology
  • 100 watt music power handling
  • 17 x 14.5 x 26 cm (W x H x D)

Subwoofer recommendations

Townus 12 Sub

Active subwoofer system

  • Bass reflex with passive radiator
  • 12" Titanium system
  • 400 watt music power
  • 36 x 47.5 x 50 cm (W x H x D)

Highlights of the Townus Series

In the elegant Townus speakers, we rely on the excellent technical properties of our titanium and ceramic drivers, which were developed through extensive research work at Canton. The titanium woofers and midrange drivers are characterised by their enormous stability and low weight. This makes them agile-sounding drivers that can follow every acoustic signal effortlessly and precisely. The tweeters with 25 mm aluminium oxide ceramic diaphragms are an ideal match, offering a detailed and accurate sound image. Last but not least, the meticulous tuning of the crossovers and the high quality of the crossover components ensure the strikingly good Canton sound.

High-quality cabinet finishes

The modern yet timelessly elegant Townus speaker series harmonises with many interior styles thanks to the various cabinet finishes available. Immaculately crafted cabinets in white satin or black high-gloss lacquer, as well as fine walnut real wood veneers with a perfect finish, underline the premium claim of our new Townus speaker series.

New gold-plated terminals

The high-quality gold-plated screw terminals with a receptacle for cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm² offer maximum conductivity and guarantee long-term stable contact. The single-wiring connection terminal, which is flush with the rear panel, provides a uniform appearance and is equipped with high-quality components.

Magnetic oval fabric covering

The high-quality and acoustically neutral fabric covers in black adhere to the baffle by means of magnets and, if necessary, conceal the direct view of the technology. The oval covers nestle discreetly on the baffles, providing a calm yet dynamic appearance.

The new Townus series will become the acoustic centrepiece of your living room thanks to our wide range of stereo and home cinema components. You can combine all Townus models in any way you like and create your own private home cinema multi-channel system according to your personal preferences. Our Dolby Atmos models, for example, transform your Townus floorstanding or compact speakers into a high-calibre home cinema system with effective 3D surround sound that immerses you in the action.

Perfectly matched to the look, acoustics and technology of the Townus models is the Townus Sub 12 active front-firing subwoofer, which will delight not only home cinema fans with its enormous bass response and impressive bass dynamics. Its high power amplifier output and the 300 mm subwoofer chassis made of titanium, as well as the equipment with wave surrounds and downfire passive cone, enable a bass performance that is always precise. It's also ideal for use with just one pair of our high-quality Townus stereo speakers.