The compact 2.1 systems produce a 5.1 sound field with just one or two sound sources. For this they use an intelligent algorithm and loudspeaker systems with sound-optimised dispersion characteristics.

Thanks to a range of different designs, the Soundbars and Sounddecks can be mounted on the wall or positioned on a shelf or under the flatscreen TV. With system outputs of between 100 and 350 watt they satisfy any need.

If you are looking for a fast and simple Plug-and-Play solution, you will find what you need in the DM systems: They only need a plug and a signal cable to the flatscreen TV – and the entertainment can begin. If needed, additional devices such as BluRay players and games consoles can also be connected.


Inspired by the exclusive furniture industry, the new DM systems are both elegant and modern and are an eyecatching feature in any living room. Some systems are also fitted with an elegant glass panel.

Solid bass foundation

Depending on the system, a powerful active subwoofer is either integrated in the DM system or can be set up discreetly in the room as an external subwoofer with its own cabinet.

Connection possibilities

As well as digital and analogue inputs, all systems also have an additional Bluetooth® interface with aptX® technology for optimum transmission quality. The flagship DM 90.3 also has 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output (ARC).

Two devices, one remote control: The DM systems are easy to operate and can be controlled with either the remote control supplied or the television remote. All remote control functions of the system can be programmed to the television remote control codes in just a few steps.

For placement that is flexible in terms of space and that offers optimal sound, the TV loudspeakers are furnished with three sound presets. These adjust the sound according to the selected setup location. The LipSync function balances out any delays in the transmission of picture and sound automatically, thus ensuring optimal viewing pleasure.