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Information for consumers: Disposal of waste electrical equipment

Electrical and electronic equipment contains pollutants that must be disposed of properly to protect people and the environment. But they also contain many valuable raw materials that can be recycled. Worn-out electrical and electronic equipment must therefore not be disposed of in household waste or the yellow bag, but must be collected separately. 
Used batteries and accumulators that can be removed from the end-of-life device / must be handed in separately by the consumer for safety's sake, as is the case with some laptops and cordless drills. 
 Personal data on end-of-life devices must be deleted by the end user on his or her own responsibility! This applies in particular to computers and mobile phones. 
 The symbol for WEEE to be collected separately is a crossed-out wheeled bin. You can also return your old electrical and electronic equipment free of charge via the online shop of Canton Elektronik GmbH + Co KG, provided that the external dimensions of your old equipment do not exceed 25 cm. For the return shipment, our partner, ZENTEK GmbH & Co. KG, will provide you with a free return label. Please send the old appliance to the address indicated on the return label. 
 If your old appliance - regardless of whether you have purchased a new electrical appliance from us - is not larger than 25 cm in any external dimension, please click here: 
 If you have purchased a new electrical appliance from us and now wish to dispose of your old appliance of the same type > 25 cm in any external dimension, please click here: 
 Please ensure that the old appliance is properly packaged for shipment so that breakage is avoided as far as possible and mechanical compression or breakage can be ruled out. 
Acceptance of old equipment may be refused if there is a risk to the health and safety of people due to contamination. More detailed information on packaging and shipping as well as the nearest parcel acceptance point can be found on the previously linked pages of ZENTEK GmbH & Co. KG. Please read the information document (PDF format) of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (